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ECCO Men’s Helsinki Slip-on November 4, 2014

Helsinki SliponPeople who are looking for such foot wears can surely go for the ECCO Men’s Helsinki Slip-on. Walking enhances our body’s mobility and is also a sort of exercise. Thus, the perfect shoe is mandatory keeping in mind the security and protection of our feet. With this pair of shoes you can walk, run and play or move around anywhere in the city with great ease and comfort. It is roomy for those who need to stand and work for the whole day.

Features of this shoe

ECCO Men’s Helsinki slip- on will definitely give you a contemporary look. This footwear will help you look more sophisticated and reflect your refined personality. The eye catching footwear is available in three different shades. Black, cocoa brown and rust are the colors which can add colors to your simple life. The price range varies within $124.99 and $169.99. It is not at all expensive yet the outlook of this footwear seems as if the shoes are very costly. It has an excellent outer look and provides extra comfort to an individual’s feet. This Helsinki slip- on is very easy to wear as it does not consist of lace.

One just needs to glide in the feet and get ready to move out with full confidence and luxury. They are available mostly in all the varied sizes. It has a classic stylish look. The leather upper of this shoe is very soft. An individual will not feel a burden on his feet as Helsinki slip-on is tremendous light in weight. They consist of a textile lining which has the power to absorb moisture. Thus, this breathable lining helps to keep the feet dry and cool even in watery areas.

The most attractive component of this shoe is that they possess a foot bed which is entirely covered with leather and the magical fact is that the foot bed is easily removable. This removable foot bed provides comfort to its owner all day long. It also allows the person to put on his own inserts. Everyone wishes to attain the optimum comfort while walking. This ECCO slip-on has a flexible outsole which provides the desired comfort to its owner.
• The ECCO Helsinki slip-on can be injected directly.
• The sole of this footwear is made up of rubber giving the feet its true shape.
• It is entirely made up of leather.
• The insole of ECCO slip-on is padded in nature.
• The arch support is indeed a great component of this fantastic slip-on.
• Its upper layer consists of sturdy leather.
• The contoured heel cushion provides a soft feeling to the toes.

Why should someone go for ECCO Men’s Helsinki slip-on?

This easy to wear footwear can be worn in all places and at all situations including harsh and weird weather conditions. One can walk for countless hours on rugged and broken roads. You can also wear them while travelling abroad or for daily domestic travel. Whether you are wearing business casual or party jeans you can pair up your whole attire with the Helsinki shoes. The leather is really flexible and at the same time very graceful.

Pros of this shoe

The Helsinki slip-on can sustain through harsh situations. A person can walk countless miles by wearing this footwear. The quality of ECCO footwear is outstanding and definitely hundred percent better than the other shoes available at this price range. People who need to stand all day long for their work, for example researchers who have to stand in the research lab the entire day can positively look around for this pair of shoes. Even after wearing those for a long span of nearly twenty- four hours you will not feel ache on your toes. They have the capability to look cool even after the whole day. They will provide you such marvelous quality that you will not be able to find a single scratch over it. The ECCO slip-on is soft and comfortable from the very beginning which means it does not require any break- in period.

Cons of this shoe

Apart from so many beneficial features the only problem with the Helsinki slip- on is that they are a little bit squeaky on polished tiled floors.


It is true that you may get similar looking footwear for lesser price than this but it is guaranteed that you will not be able to wear them for long hours. It will be an intelligent selection to choose ECCO Helsinki slip-on as its comfort zone, quality and also price is truly unmatched.

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johnston & Murphy Men’s Shuler Side Gore Slip On October 9, 2014

Johnston & Murphy Men’s Shuler Side Gore Slip On
Shuler Side Gore Slip On
This slip on from Johnson & Murphy will assist you well at the office and after. The zigzag-textured rubber outsole consigns grab and flexibility. Johnston & Murphy match their signature comfort and durability with poise in this up to date lace-up. All through time, numerous things change. A few, however, not ever do. Work doesn’t gaze like it utilized to. Matches aren’t inevitably the consistent, and Johnston & Murphy knows it. Since 1850, Johnston & Murphy has made footwear that works in the corner agency, and play at the corner bar.

They realize that men today have to cross the line between up to date and classic, cooling and snug; and believe there is room for uniquely American conceive, up to date pattern, and hand craftsmanship at any dimensions. Johnston & Murphy has helped professional, affluent men dress to influence for more than 156 years, and are not completed yet. Much has altered since 1850, the names, the methods, the positions.


This footwear is fantastic. It can be likely case that you were not ever a follower of dress footwear but this footwear will change all that as they are snugger than any sneaker or tennis footwear that you have ever owned. These are furthermore the value to go the expanse for numerous years to arrive. This is large shoe and It feels good by wearing them. The base just easily falls right in. The other features of the footwear are cowhide body and Rubber sole, up to date lace-up. Johnston & Murphy match their signature solace and durability with poise in this.

Why should you buy this?

You would easily love the style and it can be worn with jeans or trousers. This footwear is not too prescribed and not too casual. They can go either way. This footwear was flawless of dimensions and very snug. It is casual footwear but furthermore for getting dressed. It fits the both attire. Johnston & Murphy is furthermore a very reliable business and about their goods it is of very high value and you would easily love both the value and the style. They are extremely snug to wear. The shoes are very supportive and cushy interior. The gaze truly incredible and reach from out-of-doors.


The Johnston & Murphy Shuler slip-on is exceedingly comfortable footwear. The central is lined rather methodically and the sole is padded in a nice way. On the downside, the shoe is not too attractive. It’s absolutely fine enough to wear out and about for work or business-casual. The leather utilized has a very large kernel and the stitching is very prominent. The pattern is less than up to date though not classic either. If you can get a good deal on it and you is either looking for certain thing very snug or with large kernel leather? It is the only emblem of footwear in which every two has a great value and methodThere are numerous other advantages of the footwear such as Crafted of supple full-grain cowhide for value and solace, Padded tongue, Molded latex rubber sole for flexibility, Super-soft sheepskin lining. The collar and the multi-layered footed shoes offer additional cushioning which is of large use.


There is a little difficulty with the cowhide and that is the cowhide is soft but breaks in after a twosome days. Another accusation about the shoe is the wear opposition of the footwear. The footwear runs a little warm at times and also it is some ventilation topic. After wearing the shoe for a long time you feet will not be dry as the heat cannot escape effortlessly.


The first in twos I ever acquired was at the J&M shop. I directly knew that I had found out my favorite two of footwear for the agency and for going out on the village which is why I bought two. I wanted to be adept to alternate the in twos to make them last longer and respire between uses. They are snug, well-made, and a large look that bridges business and casual because you can wear to the office and look absolutely enterprise professional while furthermore wearing them with a pair of (dark) casual trousers on weekends for an upscale, but still casual look.
They actually are truly incredible! The difficulty is that organizing these on Amazon yields blended outcomes. My first time, I organized two new in twos, one very dark and one brown. Then I determined to take a possibility buying another two of the very dark SSGV on Amazon in very dark, and this time no squeaky issues, whereas it strangely seems like all the pairs I’ve acquired from Amazon are a hair poorer quality than the ones I’ve purchased from J&M exactly.

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Clarks Men’s Wave Path Slip-On October 5, 2014

Clarks Men’s Wave.Path Slip-On
Path Slip-On for men

One can be the owner of a superior comfort, wearing this shoe by Clarks. The upper is fully grained with extremely stylish looks with breathable sprouts and inner structure, made up of elastic material provide an efficient amount of relax and ease for having a perfect experience of one of the best shoes manufactured by this company. It is even provided with a shock absorber facility due o the presence of the special kind of insole and even provides a perfectly healthy gait and even designed so that orthotic insertions can be accommodated in it.

Moreover the outsole injection of EVA adds a stronger durability. The shoe has proved to be excellent footwear for men with extremely sleek as well as casual looks and offer a due amount of comfort after wearing. Goring on both the sides provides a greater ease while walking. Like every other product of this company this product is also provided with a seal of acceptance of APMA. Going for this footwear is an easy way to improve stride and add a perfect wellness to the life.


The different features of this shoe include that it is made up of complete leather and a customer can solely rely upon the quality of the shoe. The shock absorber rubber sole also contributes a lot towards the best features as well as the durability. The potable insole material with dual density on the foot bed provides an efficient amount of ease while walking. The interior containing the EVA heel wedge also contributes to one of the excellent features of this shoe. Moreover the flexibility of this shoe due to the production with accurate materials is also a main reason why it attracts a lot of customers. The cost is not also too high. The price ranges from 62.58 dollar to 135.00 dollar.

Why should you go for this product or why shouldn’t you?

If one desires to have a good result after buying a shoe from a reliable company like Clarks, he/she can surely go for this without having any other options in mind and according to the market reviews this product is perfect for any user. The beautiful features of this shoe not only provide the desired comfort to the customers but also a nice experience of a ride, wearing it.


The pros of this shoe include the flexibility, providing a proper comfort to the users. Secondly, the porous material of which it is manufactured of provides a firm to the feet after wearing. The shoe is quite cheaper with respect to any other one with the same relevant features. Moreover for daily use as well as for a continuous use, this shoe is absolutely perfect with a good durability and long lasting even in rough terrains.


However the list of cons is quite less with respect to the pros for his product. But still, there are some reasons why some of the customers put their step back before buying it. The shoe is not too much style conscious. And hence most of the youngsters do no prefer to go for this because they are much fonder of the fancy ones rather than these kinds. This is the single issue the product lags a bit in the market among the youngsters.


Hence from the above description, it can be concluded that the shoe has a great achievement in the market till date and has been one of the most preferable product by the customers worldwide in the recent years.
I’m associated with the athletics and so I need footwear that carries and is snug with a relatively reduced heel height. This pointer footwear fit my broad foot flawlessly and is the best I have worn. They are my second two and the first two preceded me 18 months with nearly every day use. When I was completed with the first two I slash them in half down the middle from toe to heel to glimpse just how much heel to toe drop there is in them. The Wave route has about an 8 mm heel to toe drop which devotes you the feeling like you are in running footwear. What’s really chilling though is how nice they look. I can wear them with an enterprise match or a two of casual trousers and they gaze large. I would suggest them to any individual who is athletic and likes the feeling of running footwear in dress footwear or to any individual with painful feet that needs support and comfort.

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Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Boot October 2, 2014

Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Boot- offers an excellent outlook

Clarks Originals Men Desert Boot
An international cult classic, the iconic men’s Desert Boot by Clarks Originals was inspired by crepe-soled boots damaged by British agents in World conflict II. Home made from natural components with supreme comfort, its timeless fashioning has remained unchanged for over 60 years. Dressing sense is the most vital part these days. It varies as per the profession, age and many more. Small kids like casual wear, young professionals like formals even there dress code are designed as such by the respective company. From the very ancient time dressing has been a very vital component that defines a man’s job, nobles and king loyal used to wear lavish and sparkling dress that depicted their work and laborer’s had a different kind of dress code. Even now also many companies use this system.

Boots are an essential part of dressing. One cannot imagine green color boots with a black trouser. It just ends up at a horrible combination. Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Boot looks after all these odds that are main concern of a customer. Clarks was first established in 1825 and is the pioneer in the footwear direction ever since. The innovations that are generally introduced by the Clarks have always revolutionized the footwear industry. Desert boots are the one of those classic innovations that gets suited with any kind of attire. This is the most positive quality of these Desert boots.


One could easily notice the pure leather making the Clarks Originals Men’s Desert Boot very hard and quite invincible. Crepe sole that allows one to use as much roughly as one wants. Leathers are covered with EVA foot base which keeps the feet always dry and comfortable. These shoes are not only comfortable and keep feet dry but also provide heel stability due to suede lined counter. These boots are very well sewed to avoid tearing and any other kind of damage. The crepe outsole is very much genuine and delivers full day comfort. It is very much easily noticed that these crepe soled desert boots are very much inspired by those ones worn by British military during World War II.

Why should one select this product?

Dressing should not only depict a person’s class but the comfort is also a big factor. Clarks are very much preferred for reliable result. Clarks initially go through the market and design the boots accordingly. This is not the case for Desert Boots only but for all other products. If one go through the review he/she will conclude how much classy the boots are. These boots are soft, suede, grained leather uppers and supple. The nature formed base allows for full toe spread and keeps foot dry and protect others from that pungent smell of sweat filled feet.


Apart from the feature like crepe sole, EVA foot bed, heel stability and toe spread, there are furthermore features which make the boots reliable and popular among the customers, these are comfort and classy look. The simple design of the shoes is perfect with no flashy cuts, clean design with classic colors and highly grained foot base that just provides the comfort. One could call this pair a medicated one as these keep one’s foot dry and shiny.


With all such positivity one could neglect the negatives of the desert boots. The major default that one faces in a pair is the suede and the pair gets dirty easily. A professional man or corporate woman who should be fresh and neat always should select one with dark colors or one can apply suede protector before going out.


With all this features the boots have proved to be a great hit among every person. These are water proof so one can maintain their classic look even in the rainy climate. It is very much advisable to go through the market review before purchasing.

Clarks Desert Boot is really the epitome of simple design. No flashy cuts of cowhide, no funky patina’s, just a clean conceive utilizing classic colors and high worth full kernel cowhide or suede. If you believe these are comfortable when you first try them on, hold up until you have had a pair for 6 months. These boots become like dairy spread on your feet. In all honesty, that is one of the utmost facets to this method of boot; they shatter in and become one of the snuggest in twos of boots you have ever impaired. Out of all the boots I own, it’s my broken in Chukka’s and wasteland Boots that are the most snug. In minutia, as I asserted in considers to solace, they only getter better with age.

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Merrell Men’s Moab mid Gore-Tex Hiking Boot September 29, 2014

Merrell Men’s Moab mid Gore-Tex Hiking Boot
Men Moab mid Gore-Tex Hiking Boot
At best they are good for first year hikers that only hike in any climate. Beginners anxiety most about solace, in considers to footwear, when starting out for the first time. Hiking is tedious on virgin feet. Before weather situation it is usually solace, or rather need thereof that turns most beginners away. The feet arrives first and if at the end of a 5 mile hike your feet are in agony then most expected you may not want to ever hike afresh. With these boots it is very easy to moderate hiking in equitable climate is a delight. They are durable for most terrain as long as you stay on trail and don’t bushwhack.

The Moab is flawless because they can make any trail appear like you are strolling on carpeted pavement. The removable insoles are very supple and flexible and the outsoles are more like certain thing you would find on sneakers than hill boots. Thus the talk madly reconsiders for solace. The Moab top is a bargain glued simultaneously construction of faux suede leather and nylon meshes that state made in ceramic. So your feet interior stay dry, due to the Gore-Tex XCR outer layer, but will feel damp and freezing. The origin of this effect is the breathability goes away on a soaked boot and your feet begins worrying on the central. This is why some folk’s assertion their feet get damp in the Moab XCR. It is not water getting in but the outside fabric soaking and mislaying breathability initiating your feet to sweat buckets of water inside the boots. The Moab is a good boot for fair climate trail-only hiking.


The boot is made up of synthetic material which makes it totally water proof and helps a lot in the rough areas in the inappropriate weather or climatic conditions. The boor is included with a special kind of sole. The leather, of which it is made up of, is completely a good water absorber but the water absorbed is stored and then gets out when dried up. The water does not get in to the legs. The boots also consists of a toe cap as well as a heel counter. Moreover the GORE-TEX extended comfort build makes it one of the most efficient shoes of a cheap price range of $108.96 to $192.48.

Why should you buy this product or why shouldn’t you?

Any customer can opt for this product for getting the most effective results. The comfort and the reliability offered by this product, it has gained a huge popularity in the market since the last few years and has become one of the most common choices of the customers. Since the company is reliable undoubtedly, anyone can buy this product to get the best experience of wearing a hiking shoe.


The shoe is quite style conscious and hence gained a good reputation among the youngsters. The full set up is waterproof and hence is appropriate for the rainy climate. Even the inner get up provides a good comforting experience to the person wearing it.


The shoe has a single drawback that the water soaked, get out only when it is dried up and hence the shoe remains wet for a longer time.


Hence, it can be concluded that the boot is a perfect choice for the customers if one desires to get the exact comfort from a Merrell product. I’ve endeavored the Danner Mountain Boots, Jungles, and freezing Weather Aftermarket to wear over here in Afghanistan for the last six months. I have to state that these boots are the best I’ve belongs to in 9 years of infantry Service. Assigned, you can’t wear them in Garrison but if you desire a two of light weight boots that help you run up and down rocky high grounds while wearing a full combat problem doing cartwheels then these boots are for you.

You can appear the rocks under your feet as the rubber soles but it doesn’t hurt at all- but I have a decisive feeling of good traction when I am going up these goat trails and random rock formations. They’re super light weight compared to any topic boots. Also, you don’t have to shatter these in whatsoever. I put them on the evening before, walked to get some food and back, and then was dressed in them on a nine thousand dismounted patrol the next day without any blisters or any kind of any other problems.

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